Saturday, May 7, 2011

IZZY'S and celebrating staplers

We like the stonework, and applaud the entry.

Hey Mom! They have a Mother's Day brunch. Hmmm, how is this any different than their normal buffet?

The prices.... and well, they fall in the $$ category, which is $ too much for lunch. We are just sayin.

So many options. Not pictured are the Chicken, corn, mac.n.cheese, etc. etc.

The pizza section. IMO, their signature item.

Vats o puddin.

Valerie's plate. A wee little bit of all. 8.99 plus tip

Kristin opted for the Salad bar. 7.49 plus tip

Fajitas at a pizza place? It's true, it's true.

no, seriously, VANILLA ONLY!!!!!

What admin assistants do on their lunch hour... admire other people's staplers! So, the ol' camera needs adjusting because this stapler is supposed to be bright purple. Kristin was in love.

The hiatus is over!

The last 15 weeks found us with commitments that prevented us to lunch. We have missed this greatly, and are thrilled to be back at it.

Follow along with us as we take on the second half of Newberg, with our final lunch set for The Allison!