Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wheel of Lunch. Check it out!

When Lunching Rocks!

Just Click it! It's awesome.


Neil's Java Jungle. Long time listener - First time caller.

Yes, you CAN get a lavender latte here! Kristin might have squealed a little when realizing this was an option. Thus was her purchase.

Honestly, we look waaaay to happy here. Lunch breaks are worth celebrating some days.

Kudo's to Neil's for being the first place we have lunched with a guest book. Of course we signed it.

If you look really close, it reads: Krstin Bontrger. Fully miss-spelled! Hilarious. We blame it on the total excitement!

We split this pizza/cheesy bagely thing... 3.00!! it was 3.00!! BEST PURCHASE FOR THE VALUE WE'VE MADE TO DATE. It get accolades because not only was it 3.00, but it was delish.

It's really Neil of Neil's!