Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Panaderia Y Taqueria - authentic Mexican food and bakery

They sell Churros!!! (but we passed on buying any pastries)

PULPARINDO!!! WOO HOO... okay, we have no idea what these are.

"I would like to order a taco, burrito, side of guac and oh, toss in that wedding topper too."

Kittens that double as napkin holders: cool

Valerie's quesadilla.

Kristin's tostada.

TMI? we flossed. at the table. sorry?

We were SUPPOSED to go......

First Street Pub.....

So, today we were on deck to go to First Street Pub, and frankly we were looking forward to playing a bit of pool on our lunch break for once. Well... Valerie forgot her license and wouldn't you know it WE GOT CARDED! Thus resulted in our not being able to stay. We got kicked out.
Planning to go next week.

So, we went next door.