Friday, July 23, 2010

The Bruin Den at George Fox, plus bonus excursion

The Bruin Den - Where we spend a lot of time during the year.

Valerie's lunch. Clam Chowder (YUMM) Oranges (more yum) total 3.40

Kristin's lunch. The daily special: hand dipped fish/chips. total 5.00

Bonus track to the LP, so to speak. Excursion to Fred Meyer/Coin counter. Valerie scrounged up a small slew of coins over time.
Our estimates were:
Kristin 4.32
Valerie 3.72

The grand total was 15.69 We gave serious consideration to screaming "We Won the Jackpot" or running and jumping up and down with excitement and high fiving till our hands bled. Okay, maybe we didn't really talk about the blood part.