Thursday, October 10, 2013

The blog is now retired.
We got too full.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Recipe. YESS! Nothing like lunching with a room full of winemakers. Really.

Does this location look familiar? Kristin and I ate here when it was Perfect Picnics. Mad props to restaurant owners.

Valerie and Rachel and Christmas decor....and the far away photo.

Rachel's gourmet Turkey sandwich.

Valerie's gourmet burger.

Cornichons. Cornichons. Cornichons. Love.

Recipe: a LOVELY addition the culinary experience of Newberg. Valerie is going to do her part to try and single handily keep them in business.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ye Olde Pizza Shoppe - in Ye Olde Newbs

Nope.. not our cooper.. Ours is green. :)

gotta love the cracked shield crest thing

hmmm.. maybe I DO want a tootsie sucker.. how did they know??

Courtesy interior shot.. yep.. kinda pub like.

Rachel got a salad. Note: NOT vegetarian..


Rachel's Pepperoni Pizza

Valerie's monster huge Taco Pizza


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Burgerville - we are entering the fast food side of Newberg. Fingers crossed we continue to work out. :)

Safety first. Yes, please.

Guess what season it is?

YES! 1950's meets 2011

Noting better than a celebrity sighting! Missy is IN THE HOUSE.

Tillamook cheddar with bacon. Um, no brainer!

(photo cred: * *this website does not exist)

Why yes, they do print the calories in your order on the receipt. Ouch!
(but almost more importantly, BV is not inexpensive. We're just saying)

Our, read it backwards game.. and, go..

Hot Dog Stand Day! Woohoo..

Wetmore Dogs Menu - It's what it says...really.
Make sure to read the dogs.. there is a variety for certain.

Plan to drop about 5 bucks for your dog, chips and soda.

Condiments galore.

Cooked to order - so plan accordingly. It's not totally "fast" food.

After lunch we spent a little bit of time in the epic purse shop of Newberg. Valerie was mixed between wanting to barf and happy when she saw this. :)
(It's still available if it speaks to you)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sweetest Thing and sweetest friendships

Cupcakes, coffee and conversation for lunch.

Kristin, Valerie and Rachel. Friends in real life.

The official handshake of support. Kristin passes on the baton to Rachel to lunch through the second half of Newberg with Valerie.

Goodbye hiatus! and Baton passing from Kristin to Rachel.

I know we have said the hiatus was over before.. not crying wolf here, but it's true this time; THE HIATUS IS OVER!

Kristin and Valerie have successfully covered the western half of Newberg. Now there are new lunch additions to Newberg, and a second half of the town to cover. It's time.

Introducing Rachel! Kristin is tagging out and inviting she and Valerie's friend Rachel to the team. Rachel and Valerie will be leading up the charge of the second half of 'Taste Newberg' and Kristin will return at the end for the grand finale location.